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The knowledge I have gained from studying nutrition, gives me the tools to advise you what foods can help with weight management, muscle gain, stamina etc. 

I am not a dietician so I cannot tell you what to eat, I can only guide you in the right direction of what foods can help with what your goal is.  If you are allergic or have any intolerances to certain foods, I do recommend seeing a dietician as they can further your knowledge about what foods to have and avoid. 


The Personal Training service is a 1-1 or 1-2 training session that I offer to clients.

As it states, it is personal, meaning that we will look at your health goals and decide the best action to take to achieve said goal. 

In this service I will offer you nutrition advice, a training plan that you can complete around your life, weekly check-ins  and an awesome time!

I offer two options of Personal Training:

Option 1 - Face to face 

Option 2 - Online Zoom/FaceTime 

Personal trainer, fitness, instructor, workout


Premium Personal Training is similar to normal however the twist is, this type of training is for athletes.

I have had a lot of experience in the past, playing professional football and I have absorbed all the knowledge I can to assist me in providing the perfect athletic training to improve ones performance e.g. sprint speed, reaction, endurance, acceleration etc.

This training is done face to face as I will need to be recording each exercise precisely to help the athlete achieve their highest potential.

Yoga Class


In this package, I offer fitness sessions to seniors (over 65).

The sessions offered are:

- One to one 

- Group classes. 

At the moment I do work for a few care homes in providing the group class service which is very popular and fun. 

(If you think you or your family member could benefit from this in their care home, send me the contact details or pass mine onto the care home / service)

These sessions are mostly chair based, meaning the whole session is completed whilst in a chair. The sessions work on mobility, strength and coordination. 

Fitness Group


Group ex is a fitness with a group of people. 

These sessions include:


- Bootcamp

- Emon

- Circuits

- Resistance training

- Strength

If you have a group of friends interested, I can organise to meet in neutral location for group ex, or on Zoom. 

I also teach classes in Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom. If you live within the area, you can sign up and join these classes.

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